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October 2018

Welcoming the 21st Century: The Rebranding of the Representative Assembly

FBMJ attorney Joseph McGill, former Chair of the Representative Assembly and newly elected Member of the Board of Commissioners of the State Bar of Michigan, recently authored, “Welcoming the Twenty-First Century: The Rebranding of the Representative Assembly,” published in the October 2018 edition of the Michigan Bar Journal. The article reflects on the activities and analysis by the Representative Assembly of its own Rules of Permanent Procedure, and proposed rule changes at the Assembly’s biannual meeting held September 26-28 at the NEXT Conference in Grand Rapids, MI.

McGill’s article also reported on the passage of a joint resolution of the State Bar of Michigan (SBM) and the Representative Assembly (RA) identifying the need for a governance task force to re-examine the way the SBM carries out and funds its mission of jurisprudence in an environment of rapid changes and advancements in technology. Additionally, McGill summarized recommended changes to the internal operations of the Representative Assembly designed to reinvigorate and rebrand the organization.