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MAY 2015

Randall Juip Presents at the MDTC 2015 Annual Meeting

FBMJ attorney Randall Juip was a featured speaker at the Michigan Defense Trial Counsel (MDTC) 2015 Annual Meeting and Conference in Midland, MI, May 14-15, 2015. Mr. Juip’s presentation, “The Art of Trial – How to Organize and Present Your Case,” provided insight into not only how to properly design slides for use in opening statement and closing arguments, but how also to distill complex information and data for presentation to a lay jury. Juip’s presentation also demonstrated that, while well-designed slides can enhance an attorney’s message to his or her jury, poorly-designed slides can distract and confuse. “The ultimate goal here is crystal-clear communication of complex facts to the individuals who matter most to your client – the jurors” Juip commented.

The MDTC, the State of Michigan’s premier organization of civil litigators, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the advancement and promotion of the Defense Bar. It exists to facilitate greater exchange of views and advance the interests of civil defense attorneys. Mr. Juip has been a member of the MDTC for many years, and actively supports its goals to improve Michigan’s civil litigation system.

Juip is a Partner with FBMJ and specializes in the defense of complex civil litigation for physicians, hospitals and physician groups. He is an active trial lawyer with over 70 cases during the course of his career. Contact Randy Juip at 734-742-1800 or at