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Kim Sveska Speaks to Michigan Society of Pharmacy Technicians

Kim Sveska was a featured speaker at the Michigan Society of Pharmacy Technicians (MSPT) Spring Seminar on April 28 at HealthPlus in Flint, Michigan. Mr. Sveska’s remarks titled, “Pharmacy Law Update,” provided insight into current developments in Michigan pharmacy-related law, including recent statutory/regulatory changes, case law decisions involving the duty to warn, how to identify situations that could give rise to potential liability, and strategies that minimize potential exposure to malpractice claims. The MSPT is a state professional society serving Michigan’s pharmacists, pharmacy school educators, pharmaceutical representatives and pharmacy technicians ( In addition to practicing law, Sveska is a registered pharmacist and lectures frequently on pharmacy, healthcare and other legal topics. For more information contact Kim Sveska @ 734-742-1815 or email at