• The law is complex. While complexity breeds confusion, simplicity creates clarity and enables solutions. The job of a lawyer is to empower others to make informed decisions – be it a jury rendering a verdict, or a company making an investment.

      Through our deep understanding of the law, and the industries we serve, we help our clients gain the perspective necessary to make a judgment, execute a strategy, or solve a problem that helps further their objectives.

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    • Reducing risks to patients and managing the risks of litigation when something does go wrong are top concerns in the healthcare industry. That’s why a major insurer of physicians turned to FBMJ for expertise and guidance in their continuing education video series – “Two Minutes: What’s the Risk?” Randy Juip shares insights that help physicians, their staff and other healthcare providers minimize risk to patients and themselves. Recently released videos cover the issues of “Jury Expectations and Test Results” and “3 Important Issues for Practice Administrators.”

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    • Answers to complex environmental problems don't reside solely on the pages of a book or the hard drive of a computer.

      That’s why our environmental litigation attorneys roll up their sleeves, put on their boots, and aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty out in the field. That's where issues – and solutions – come to light.

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About Us

Based centrally in the Detroit/Ann Arbor, Michigan area, Foley, Baron, Metzger & Juip, PLLC, serves as local, regional and national counsel in high-stakes civil litigation. FBMJ is a broad-service law firm with a focus on complex litigation, including products and commercial liability, environmental, and health care areas, as well as counseling on business matters. learn More

client commitment

Each and every one of our attorneys has pledged to uphold our Client Commitment. More than just words, these principles guide how we interact with and serve our clients – every day, and on every matter. Fulfilling these commitments are both conditions of employment and compensation at FBMJ. We take them very seriously. learn More