Month: May 2016

May 2016

FBMJ’s Clyde Metzger Leads Millennial Discussion at MDTC 2016 Annual Meeting

In today’s connected world, many businesses are struggling with the defining today’s workplace. Baby-boomer attorneys believe that work should be done at the office, while millennials are still sorting out whether the office, the home, a coffee shop, an airport, or all of these are the best place to work.

May 2016

Practitioners Beware: Loose Lips Should Be Zipped!

A split panel of the Michigan Court of Appeals held that improper disclosure of a diagnosis to the patient’s wife constituted ordinary negligence. (William Brandon v. Denise L. Handelsman, D.O. 2/23/16-Unpublished) While unpublished decisions are only binding on the case in which it was decided and have no precedential value